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Rulers of Darkness Series

Book 1: Caressed by Moonlight

2011 Interview

Rulers of Darkness Series, Book 1
ISBN: 9780578064000
November 2010
Print/ eBook
$13.85 /$2.99
272 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Victoria Kingston wants nothing more than to raise her sister in a peaceful setting. That wish will not be recognized anytime soon thanks to her father leaving her in so much debt she has to rely on a wickedly vicious aunt for support.

Dorian Vlakhos knows that someone wants his entire clan wiped out, and as the reigning vampire king, it is his duty to protect his people at any cost. Dorian heads to London knowing the hunters will follow and leave his clan in peace until he can figure out who is trying to overthrow his monarchy.

Victoria’s aunt has given her an ultimatum which includes her finding and marrying a gentleman before the end of the month, or else she can have nothing more to do with her sweet sister. With the help of her good friend Lana, she begins to make a list of all the eligible bachelors, never expecting that with one glance a vampire king will steal her heart. But in a world where honor, duty, and image is everything, Dorian and Victoria will have to fight against the rigid rules of the ton as well as the paranormal world that has declared war on Dorian and his clan. Victoria will have to learn to put her trust in a man who can turn into a raving beast in the blink of an eye and he in turn will have to put his trust in a woman who is only mortal but who somehow soothes the savage beast inside of him.

Caressed by Moonlight is a tale that will fascinate and frustrate you. The overall plot is vivid and Ms. Greene's characters are bold, unusual, strong, powerful, and leave you with the impression of their stunning brilliance. That being said, the frustration is in how the story does not flow seamlessly. Instead, there are many bumps and bruises along the way. There are spelling errors that had me laughing as they seemed to be at the most inopportune times. There are also grammatical errors that had some sentences being run-ons while other sentences had punctuation marks in the wrong places making sentences incomplete. While I would not normally comment on punctuation, grammatical, and spelling errors, there were quite a few in this tale and it does make this novel harder to enjoy. I do not want to put someone off this book because of the errors as I do feel it has a great storyline and I am very interested in seeing what will happen in the next book of this series.

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