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The Cornwall Coven Series:
Book 1: Deadly Fetishes
Book 2: Carnal Magnetism
Book 3: Demonic Pandemonium
Short Story: A Cornwall Christmas in Just Another Paranormal Christmas Anthology

The Cornwall Coven Book 2
ISBN #: 9781920468651
January 2011
Silver Publishing
528 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Catalym is an ancient and very powerful vampire; ironically, she is also very vulnerable and has been abused by those who should have protected her. She is blond, violet-eyed, and very beautiful, she is the personification of sex.

Ryder is an ancient vampire. He is very sexy and near irresistible to the women who come to the Redline. Despite his playboy reputation, he is very loyal to those he considers friend or family. He has yet to meet his match until now.

Ryder finds all his carnal needs met at the Redline, his adoptive mother’s sex club. His family and closest friends are there. When his mother asks him to look out for her niece who is on the run from an abusive boyfriend and family, he naturally agrees, but wonders why she would trust an innocent to a vampire of his reputation. He meets Catalym and everything changes. Danger follows her, and he and his family must protect her from those who would enslave and abuse her once more.

This story is not for those who want a sweet and sexy romance with vampires. The vampires and sex scenes have a rough edge that is not for the faint of heart. Some practices may offend readers, but anyone who reads a story set in a sex club should expect something of the kind. The author’s characterizations and descriptions really bring the Redline and its denizens to life. The plot is fast moving and the over five hundred pages are gone before you know it. Catalym’s past experiences are very close to being nonconsensual, but she is an incredibly strong character who overcomes a lot of abuse under Ryder and the Coven’s care. I really liked reading about the other members of the Coven and am definitely going to check out as much of this author’s work as I can.

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