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ISBN: 978-0-352-34523-3
April 2009
Black Lace, an Imprint of Virgin Books, Ltd.
£7.99 / $12.95
285 Pages
Erotic Romance / Adult Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

The last eighteen months as the baron’s mistress have been nearly perfect for Cassandra. The Loire Valley chateau is exquisite in its design and location and absolutely flawless when it comes to exploring one’s sexual extremes.

Boredom sets in once again for Baron Dieter von Ritter, a common affliction for one so experienced in the arts of sexual exploration. It is time for a little game, and a good friend has given him the perfect excuse to test his mistress.

Cassandra knew it was too good to last, as she could sense Dieter’s growing apathy for his parties and guests. He needs something fresh and new to invigorate his appetite for the sexual activities that make up the very essence of who and what he is. Cassandra can only hope that his disquiet does not mean that her time with Dieter has come to an end, but when he introduces her to her competition, that is exactly what she fears. Dieter finds the young Nicola to be very much the antithesis of his alluring Cassandra. The games to be played will surely provide countless hours of entertainment and maybe an opportunity for him to crack Cassandra’s impenetrable shell.

This is quite possibly the most intricately detailed exploration of sexual adventures that I have ever come across. Many of the scenes played out are extremely intense, although serious pain and degradation are kept in check. The characters push the limit when it comes to human sexual endurance, and I found that the innumerable acts became tiresome to some degree. Getting into Cassandra and Dieter’s minds, and how they truly feel for each other, would be the perfect accompaniment to this vividly erotic tale.

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