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ISSN: 1555-5488, VOL. 109-05SE
October 2009
Midnight Showcase
246 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

The days pass with little notice for Council Madoc as he is still exiled on Earth, and unable to return to his beloved Domum. He takes little interest in the people and places around him, until one young lady places herself squarely in his path.

It is disheartening to realize that her singing career is not going as planned, but Angela Perkins is nothing if not persistent. She knows that exposure is key to getting noticed, and if that entails becoming part of a magic act with a mysterious and sexy magician, she will do it.

Life on Domum is in serious jeopardy after another one of Lord Sussex’s little mistakes, and it is going to take some major magic to make things right, but time is running out. Sir Jon and Lady Elizabeth have made it home, but when he and the others hear of Domum’s troubles, he does not hesitate to help. Madoc and Angela have barely begun a relationship, but she already knows where Madoc’s heart lies. She is willing to put herself at risk to be with him, but is he willing to meet her half way?

I highly recommend this series to be read sequentially, I believe you will find it a much better read when there is a continuity and fluidity to the characters and events. As I embarked on the midpoint of this journey, I find myself at a loss as to who the main characters actually are, and where their story is heading. Be that as it may, the storyline is conceptually and visually intriguing with Earth and its somewhat similar, but not quite, counterpart. It begs the question; is Domum an alien planet, a parallel universe, or a completely magical fabrication in time?

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