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ISBN- 9780982700822/9780982700815
October 31, 2010
Storm Moon Press
$4.99/ $9.99
149 pages
Short Story Anthology
Rating: 4 cups

Burn the Brightest

When her mother was killed in action, Edith noticed how devastated her father was. Edith has promised herself to never fall in love with a military person.

Meeting Jo was an unexpected event, but Edith stuck to the promise she made to herself. Edith’s promise is tested when Jo shows up unexpectedly and they act on their mutual attraction.

Ms. Moreton does not use a lot of sexual descriptions to tell her story. Instead, she relies on the reader’s imagination, which is refreshing.

The Direction of Greatest Courage

Since discovering his bi-sexuality at the age of sixteen, Jason has felt invisible. He felt like he did not fit in a world where you are either gay or straight.

Jason found Beth’s cell phone in the grocery store. Beth was upfront with Jason about her polyamorist –open- marriage. In Jason’s wildest dreams, he could never have been prepared for the next step.

So many intense feelings come across within the pages of this story. I could not tear my eyes away from the page as I walked in Jason’s shoes for the duration.

The Grief of the Bond Maid

Sjofn is a seidr-witch who is bound to Vegtamr, an evil wizard. Vegtamr has killed himself in an attempt to rise again with even greater power. Sjofn wants to be sure this never occurs.

Sjofn’s journey leads her to Thorkell and Bjarni, two swordsmen. Once the two men agree to help Sjofn, the true journey begins. They travel through nine realms to get to the dead wizard, but it is Sjofn who makes the best discovery when she finds the ultimate pleasure with Thorkell and Bjarni.

This story is erotic, but is not overrun by the erotic side. Delving into a different world only adds to the reading experience.


Aaron was invited by Stephan to a BDSM party. Watching a scene play out, the dominant side of Aaron is horrified to learn that a submissive side lingers just under Aaron’s surface.

Travis entices Aaron to try being a submissive in order to see how Aaron’s submissives feel when he is dominating them. Experiencing sensations he has never before enjoyed, Aaron gains a greater understanding.

Sexy and heart-rate rising, this story shows K. Piet’s talent for turning mere words into sensual images.

Blazing Star

Hope is a hunter of the supernatural. Like other hunters, she heads to the one place where she knows she can find sanctuary, the home of a fortune-teller and Hope’s lover.

Trouble is rising in the world. Weird things that are unexplainable keep occurring. Hope and her friends are off on a mission of danger. Stolen moments of passion help calm the rising tide of bad that is reaching their shores.

Sexy and soothing. Odd descriptions for a story, I know, but that is what I felt as I read as intruded on the world of these two women.


Caleb Hollander had unprotected sex with a stranger. That mistake has him living a life cut off from being touched and loved by another.

One night, in the middle of a dream, Morpheous –god of dreams- seduces Caleb, so well in fact that Caleb forgets he is a living, breathing man. His obsession with the god may lose Caleb everything important.

Such a dark story, but the silver lining definitely makes it a top read.

This book is like a night of amazing love making. The seduction is slow and sweet. The climax is toe-curling. Then, you slide into the after-glow. Emotions run the gamut, and the reader is left emotionally spent but wholly satisfied. The incorporation of the Tarot deck only heightened my desire to read on. Each story is unique and special, but they work together so well. I would recommend adding this collection of stories to your shelf.

Warning: This book contains stories with GLBT and ménage scenes.

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