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ISBN#: 9783732505760
February 2, 2015
Bastei Entertainment
$ 1.99
100 Pages
Vintage Chick-Lit, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As heiress to Groner Aircraft Works, Dorothy Groner is expected to make a marriage that will bring a powerful alliance to the family and the business. It is too bad headstrong Dorothy is not interested in being told who she must marry. Her father has proposed Jim Boker, heir to a rival aircraft company. The marriage is desirable for everyone involved--except Dorothy, who is having none of it despite never having laid eyes on the man.

Fortunately, Jim is not against the proposed marriage. In fact, after one glimpse of Dorothy’s photograph, he fell in love with her. Together with her father, Jim hatches a plan to woo Dorothy and to win her love unsuspectingly.

Jim becomes Harry White, a poor, ordinary aircraft engineer at Groner Aircraft Works and succeeds in getting Dorothy to choose him as her flight instructor. With so much time alone with her, Jim begins the process of breaking through the wall of superiority which, naturally, the wealthy heiress wields like a scepter. He does this by being firm with her, something Dorothy has never encountered. Harry White is not a man she can push around, and to her surprise, Dorothy develops a deep respect for him. It is a respect which slowly, without her realizing it, turns to love.

This book has many of the characteristics I usually dislike in a romance. The hero is somewhat chauvinistic, the heroine a tad obtuse, and the plot predictable. Yet for all this, I am surprised at how much I liked it. The difference for me is that this book, being authentic vintage romance, is from the time where the romance genre as we know it started. It was fun to dive into a love story written as they were in the first half of the twentieth century. Their ideals may have been different, their expectations of duty and honor nowhere near our modern notions. But the love between Dorothy and Jim was exciting, the story well-written, and the happily-ever-after was ultimately satisfying.

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