Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781926950167
January 2011
Evernight Publishing
125 Pages
Erotic; Western; Ménage
Rating: 3 Cups

Christina Wolfe is thrilled when she finds out her late grandmother has left her a gift. Leaving on a two month vacation, she is expecting to get full treatment at a luxury spa.

Noah is sure Christina is shocked when she realizes that instead of the splendor spa she was looking forward to, she ends up at his ranch. But he is sure he can give her a good time with some one on one activities.

Jake spots Christina when she literally runs into him in a way that creates havoc with his libido. Seeing the sensual woman all wet and with only a towel clinging to her body makes him want to explore her one intimate touch at a time.

James is angry when he first spots Christina. He assumes she is one of Jake’s many conquests and that fact alone makes him angrier as he finds himself attracted to the city girl.

Ever since Christina stepped foot on Golden Acres, her body has done nothing but lust after the three gorgeous cowboys. All three want her and while she does not have much experience, Christina decides she is going to let her sexuality go wild and explore her hedonistic side. But in doing so she may have caused more trouble for the three cowboys and Christina does the only thing she can think to do…she runs. Will Noah, Jake, and James put aside their differences to hunt down the woman who has come to mean so much to them or will they allow their woman to get away?

Catch me if You Can is a novel full of zesty moments as one erotic encounter after another unfolds between all the characters. I like how Ms. Espino included the danger the three men faced daily, giving this erotic tale an adventurous feel. While Noah, James, and Jake are all major characters and each are intimate with Christina, their personalities are very different which allowed me to savor each individual erotic scene that took place. This was one hot read.

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