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Dark Goddess Trilogy
Book 1 - Cat’s Curse
Book 2 - Beltaine’s Song

Dark Goddess Trilogy
ISBN: Unavailable
June 2009
Awe-Struck Books
226 Pages
Celtic historical/Fantasy romance
Rating: 4 Stars

Cardea is a cursed witch, forced to drink blood to survive. Hiding in the woods, she lives an endlessly lonely existence, until she meets a handsome man who is also alone in the woods.

Aedan is a prince trying to prevent an awful curse from taking place and working to save his people, including the brother who has been turned into a cat. Meeting Cardea, and while about to stab her, they amazingly begin a friendship that moves forward to love.

Cardea and Aedan know that being together will cause problems, but their desire, respect, and love keep the two aware of each other at all times. When adversity moves through their lives, and evil, in the form of a hate-filled witch, attempts to take revenge upon the world they must use all they have to fight back.

Cat’s Curse is a wonderful story full of spells, trust, betrayal, and for the two, unconditional love. This is a complicated book but easy to read and I love how the subplots built up the main story. Every character is developed. The dialogue and action keeps the book fast paced, and while I may not agree with their motivations, the personalities all make sense. The action blends into the story and love scenes are sensuous instead of graphic, along with being very compelling. I just loved how Ms Heckart used religion as a story device while treating it with respect. This well thought out story is a very easy to recommend historical. I look forward to more of this trilogy.

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