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ISBN# 1-933874-50-3
May 2006
Triskelion Publishing
161 Pages
Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lucia Isles, second-in-command at the Zurin Five Penitentiary, finds herself amidst a prison breakup while the planet crumbles around her. Now trapped around utter pandemonium, she confronts unexpected events.

Jonathon Thrower, a guard of the prison, can be a royal pain. He carries a scar on his thigh after being injured during the Urban Battles on Andromeda that also forced him into retirement, sinking him to status of prison guard. He enjoys Lucia’s fearless attitude.

Lucia has no idea if they are under attack when chaos erupts. Now she is under the prison scavenging through tunnels trying to find an escape. Prisoners are running around that were subjected to the drug Styx and, without the drug, withdrawal symptoms can cause extreme mayhem. To make matters worse, she is paired with Jonathon, who appears most psychotic already. She was unaware that prisoners were even being used as experiments. Once the effects of the drug wear off, everyone best beware, especially when some of the guards have become hooked on the drug. With time running out, Lucia and Jonathon form an alliance to match wits to conquer any obstacle, while they weather their growing attraction.

Catwalk: The Garrison Book 3 is a star stunning read. The crisp banter between the characters holds until the last page. Lucia is a strong heroine, and Jonathon a wild card that spins her top. The chemistry between the two locks from page one and continues in this fast paced tale that breathes awesome exhilaration throughout. The secondary characters make it complete. Angela Verdenius composes an electrifying book that grabs. She paints a lovely conglomeration of vivid details that breathes life and takes the reader on a thrilling ride, leaving a lasting impression. I could almost visualize the lava worm things. This is one rare read.

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