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ISBN#: 9780990738121/9780990738152
April 18, 2016
Collins-Young Publishing
Trade Paperback / E-book
$16.95 /$3.99
277 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Writing romance is Jillian Grant’s outlet for a world of grief that spans decades. It saddens her to believe that her one great love lost his life when they were kids, and she will never feel that incredible breathlessness again.

If his mother were still alive Raine MacDonald has no doubt his life would be completely different. Thanks to his worthless father, Raine is now scrambling to finish college, while working two jobs and trying to find a place to live.

With a heavy heart over her failing aunt, Jillian cannot even think about her love life, or lack thereof. Until she sees Raine for the first time. His resemblance to her first love is uncanny. He looks only a few years older than Drew when he died. Raine has always felt a strong pull towards older women, yet his feelings for Jillian are much stronger than physical attraction. The difference in their ages could be a major roadblock, but that is only a bump compared to what is coming.

I do believe there are old souls and for the most part age is just a number, especially in Raine’s case. He and Jillian are so in tune with each other it is hard to believe they are almost two decades apart. I feel, the way Jillian wants to hold on to her pain instead of opening up to Raine is much more telling of their differences. The tears and joys Raine and Jillian share has your heart aching for them to make it work against all odds.

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