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Cereus Series

Book 1 - Cereus: Building

Book 2: Cereus: Opening

Cereus Series, Book 2
ISBN# 9781610403733
19 September 2012
Torquere Press
239 Pages
Gay Erotic Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Pack Rules

Working security for Cereus is more than enough to keep Donovan busy. He does not need the extra aggravation of working with his ex.

Every time Mik thinks of the choice Van made when they were together, his anger spikes, so it is best he just keeps his distance.

With Van doing his part to keep the pack growing, he knows it hurt Mik. Now he needs to show his mate where his heart truly lies.

Making up is so much more fun than fighting, especially when you have two very hard-headed males to entertain you.

Downward Dog

Teaching yoga at Cereus makes Rian feel useful, considering he is practically useless as a wolf.

It is not often Gilead has contact with others, and it has been a lifetime of waiting for that someone special.

Rian is having a hard time believing a wolf as wonderfully beautiful and huge as Gilead is interested. It is up to Gilead to show Rian his wild side, hoping against hope he will accept Gilead’s love.

Sweet young Rian and the age-old Gilead are on a collision course with destiny. Their path is a veritable feast for the senses.

The Bear Facts

Once every couple of years or so, Nuk leaves his frozen home in search of companionship. This trip will change his world.

There is little down time for an IT guy like Alain. Living on caffeine, however, has its downside.

Al is running on fumes trying to do his job and be with Nuk. Soon something will have to give. Nuk does not understand Al’s magic. Still, he does know without a doubt that Al is his forever and always.

Nuk has the biggest, softest heart of all. To see him shower that love on Al is hot enough to melt an iceberg.

In my opinion, the couples highlighted in this story are absolutely joyful. They love freely and with abandon. Their passion knows no bounds, and I cannot wait to read more. These three authors are at the top of my list of favorites. Having them all in one book is truly a pleasure.

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