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Cherry County Cowboys, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781772338485
May 2016
Evernight Publishing
248 Pages
Contemporary, Gay, Erotic, Western
Rating: 5 Cups

Nate O'Neill is a rodeo star who has found himself stuck in Nebraska waiting for his rodeo brother to recover from an injury. He is divorced with a little girl he loves but because her mother is so vitriolic, he does not get to see her as often as he would like.

Tennessee "Ten" Reed has just lost his father, who was far too young to die, to a ticking time bomb in the form of a genetic trait that could have been passed on to Ten. Ten might be feeling numb inside, but Nate makes him feel alive again.

Both Nate and Ten have obligations they'd rather not think about all the time. Nate who has his young daughter, as well as his rodeo career and friend to think about, and Ten who has his place on Broncos football team to deal with. In spite of their lives that could take them far from each other, they start a relationship each knowing they will probably have to part, but willing to hope for something more anyway. Everything changes when Nate gets a phone call he never expected, and Ten discovers something about himself that will change his world and how he behaves in it forever. Will these two be able to find a way to be together, or will secrets and circumstances keep them apart?

I was so happy to get the chance to read the second book in Ms. Dixon's Cherry County Cowboys! And let me tell you I was not disappointed! Ten and Nate's story is every bit as emotional, and heart wrenching as Spurs the first book was. I love how Ms. Dixon draws out not just the emotions, but the uncertainty each of the characters feel, making them seem as if they are walking right out of the pages, it is so realistic. Couple this with the love scenes and all the extra family and secondary characters and you just have another stellar read. I'm delighted to be able to recommend Chaps by Jules Dixon! If you love cowboys and m/m romance, you do not want to miss this one!

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