Coffee Time Romance & More




August 2013
Evernight Publishing
55 Pages
Erotic M/M Romance, GLBT
Rating: 4 Cups

It is a Friday night and the last thing Chase Williams wants to do is sit in an ER waiting room with what could be a broken wrist.

Learning his lesson the hard way Matt Owens sets himself some ground rules: the main one is no hook ups with anyone related to the hospital, be it staff or patients.

With his wrist throbbing with every heartbeat, Chase is really in no mood to be nice or funny, yet he cannot help appreciating his nurse's attempts to cheer him up, nor can he ignore how gorgeous the man is. Matt's bedside manner, as well as his looks, makes Chase wish he could throw caution to the wind and take a chance. Getting burned has Matt hesitating to follow Chase's lead, but seeing the man walk away feels like something is crushing his chest.

When Chase's night goes from bad to worse, Matt is like a balm to his weary soul. He is what every nurse should be: caring, considerate, and passionate about what they do. For Chase's character this must feel like heaven after being in a relationship with a selfish jerk. Reading a short this good only makes you want more and more "those sneaky, sneaky authors"!

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