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ISBN#: (13)9781607772231
April 2009
Ravenous Romance
206 Pages
Erotic Thriller
Rating: 5 Cups

Chastity Flame is a special operative in her government’s employ. As a spy, she has many different names and many different operations. When her downtime comes around, her body sings for release and she finds sex wherever she can get it.

Damien Michelet first sees Helen Sinclair at the National Gallery when he finds himself admiring the beautiful woman and not the painting. With his own sensual pull, it is not long before both Helen and Damien find themselves heating up the bed sheets with a spicy sexual encounter.

What Damien does not know is that Helen is really Chastity and their sexual encounter cannot go much further than a fling. As the spy searches the world over for a dangerous hacker, Chastity finds herself repeatedly distracted with visions of her and Damien in bed together. Trying to forget the sexy history professor, she jumps in bed with one person after another only to find herself once again face to face with Damien in the most unlikely place.

Chastity Flame is the beginning of a trilogy and is one thrill ride after another and while there is tons of spicy sex, it does not detract from the overall storyline. Debut novelist Ms. Kempe amazes me with her wonderful writing talent. Chastity is the type of person I would want to be on my side, boy, can she kick some serious butt! Damien is every woman’s teacher fantasy come to life, complete with oozing sensuality and a hot body. If the first book in the trilogy is this mind blowing, I can only imagine how fantastic the other books will be; I cannot wait to read another story about Chastity and the life she lives as a spy!

Caution: This story contains f/f sex scenes and is a red hot romance!

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