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The Hightower Series
Book 1 - For The Love of Blood
Book 2 - Cheating Death
Book 3 - Dying to Live
Book 4 - Lustful Torment

ISBN# 978-1-55487-302-9
June 2009
Extasy Books
206 Pages
Vampire/Lesbian/Lesbian Ménage
Rating: 4 Cups

Izzy Denzier happened to be in Florida walking on the beach when she was attacked by a rogue vampire. Luckily, she was saved in time before she was bit or drained of any blood.

Tamar Hightower is a vampire and enforcer of the East Coast and Master of the city. She carries certain responsibilities, and Izzy is one of them. She and Izzy share a passionate relationship.

Izzy is half-witch, whose powers are not working as well as expected. She is head over heels in love with Tamar. Celeste is a vixen, from you know where, and gets on Izzy’s last nerve. She wants to be part of Tamar’s life, but Izzy wishes her to stay away. Things become even more complicated when Kaley, Tamara’s sister, does something inexcusable. Between Celeste and Kaley, living in the Hightower family things can become a bit foolproof. With Celeste constantly wishing to interfere, and Kaly’s actions causing chaos, there is only one thing left for Tamara to do, but it could change Izzy and their live eternally.

There is a deep love shared between Izzy and Tamara that transcends with each turn of the page in Cheating Death. Annie Alvarez has created two magical women whose emotions are so genuine; the reader becomes caught up in the action and cannot let go. Tamara is a strong character, the gung-ho one to watch over Izzy with every inch of her life, whereas the reader finds Izzy tender and often needing someone to hold to. Still, I admire how great their traits are; they each have fears and problems, and face them head-on. Watch out, because this book is scalding hot, and one will definitely get burnt, but it is a burn that feels good from the first page to the last.

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