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ISBN #: 1619262584
January 2012
Siren Publishing
$ 5.50
191 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Mina Watson is a librarian in a small Georgia town. She is short with red hair and thinks of herself as dumpy, but is really quite voluptuous. She had a bizarre childhood and lost her parents while young, and is very close to her gnome loving grandmother. Her independence is very important to her.

Alex Lawson is the handsome and sexy brother of Mina’s best friend. He is also a vampire. He works for an agency that serves as law enforcement for the paranormal world.

Being a librarian turns out to be a lot more dangerous than Mina thought. She believed that working on the annual budget was stressful, but her night ended with a kidnapping attempt and a gunshot wound to the chest. Thanks to her best friend’s brother, that is not the end and she wakes up as a vampire. She finds that the tabloid stories about unearthly creatures her parents chased are real, and that their unsolved murders may be related to her own attempt. The sexy Alex Lawson has claimed her as his mate and is also determined to find out the truth, which leads them to the tiny town of Hercules.

This is an exciting vampire romance with more than a touch of humor. Mina is a strong female character who seriously undervalues herself. Alex is strong and handsome and everything a woman could want, though Mina cannot understand why he wants her. The supporting characters are vividly unique, especially Grandma Mimsy and her army of gnomes. The mystery involving the death of Mina’s parents will keep the reader absorbed, and the author’s sense of humor will have the reader laughing out loud more than once during the story.

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