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ISBN #: 9781786514172
May 2016
Pride Publishing
141 Pages
Erotic Romance, Gay, BDSM, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Max Allenby is a chemist. He has had a major crush on the man who owns the company he works for for over two years. He does not think the man even knows he exists. He is about to find out differently.

Blake Winters is a dom through and through, and he has had his eye on Max for quite some time. However, he has stayed away until Max's brother his head of security spills the beans about Max's crush.

Blake decides on a plan of a series of dates lasting three hours each for five nights in the hopes that it will lead to something more because Blake is not just a weekend dom, but a lifestyle dom, and he wants a partner, not just a plaything. Max agrees to the dates, but mentally, he is certain this is just temporary. There are many times when he hesitates, and even disobeys Blake, convinced both that his submissiveness makes him weak, and that Blake could not possibly love him, or want to have an actual relationship with him. He is wrong on both accounts, but will Blake be able to convince him?

Chemical Bonds is a delightful love story with some hardcore BDSM. What I really loved about it, is that the author strikes such a strong balance in this relationship showing that both the dom and the sub are equals and that each has their power. I've read few authors who have been able to strike that balance successfully, but Ms. Somerton was able to do so and thus make this not only a lovely story to read, but a more realistic story as well. Add this with the super hot love scenes, and a touch of suspense when it came to Max's boss, and you just have a really wonderful read. Not everyone enjoys reading love stories with BDSM, but I think even if you do not, you will find yourself loving this story anyway just for the story itself. I highly recommend Chemical Bonds!

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