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ISBN# Unavailable
May 23, 2006/re-Released September 15, 2008
Lyrical Press
166 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Cheyenne Maddison is a divorce lawyer with mostly female clientele. She had little time for personal relationships and her beautiful sister never failed to bring that fact up. Cheyenne had always been the dependable one in their tiny family since their parents' death, while Virginia was forever marrying and divorcing men like some people change underwear. That simple fact would come into play in Cheyenne’s future in a most unusual way.

Trey Rainwater Mitchell needed a divorce lawyer in the worst way. Somehow he had been duped into marrying a woman in Las Vegas, with no recollection of the event. Upon first sight of Cheyenne Maddison, he falls instantly in love, but is dismayed when his “wife” barges into his lawyer’s office. Out of all of the lawyers in Los Angeles, he would have to hire his “wife’s” sister.

Cheyenne and Trey begin the necessary steps to prove his marriage is a sham, while learning more about each other. Cheyenne, fighting her feelings for Trey, tries to focus on business while relishing the feel of Trey’s arms. Trey, meanwhile, begins to think he married the wrong sister.

Ms. Linda L. Lattimer has written a delightful romance with interesting characters. Cheyenne is the dedicated lawyer who falls literally into the arms of the love of her life. Trey, with his respectful ways, falls for a city girl with small town charm. Their tender interactions, always respectful of his marital status, endear this reader to both of them. I enjoyed this story immensely.

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