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Children of Poseidon
Book 1: Children of Poseidon: Lykos
Book 2: Children of Poseidon: Rann

Children of Poseidon, Book 2
ASIN#: B012P8C35O
August 19th 2015
Soulmate Publishing
276 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jewel Vargas, a witch, has lived on Rann’s island for nine years since she was banished by her coven in London at the age of seventeen. Despite the fact that her feelings for him have grown, he still sees her as a teenager. That and her trust issues about his reputation as a playboy, she doubts there could be a relationship between them. Out of the blue, her friend Maya arrives asking for her help with her coven, and she takes the opportunity to leave and joins her to travel back to London.

Rann, a son of Poseidon whose realm is the Indian Ocean, has sheltered Jewel for years. He has been called a playboy, never keeping a lover for long. But the feelings he is starting to have for Jewel cause him to think again about his habits, and he makes plans to seduce her. The sea cyclops, his mother, finds and gives him the care of a sea witch who is catatonic, saying she is dangerous and she is leaking death magic. While remaining there, he agrees to have Jewel take the witch with her.

While there, Jewel agrees to check on her mother, the coven leader, whose behavior, along with her dark mage lover, troubles the coven. She finally learns why her mother hates her, who her father was, and meets the mage with control over her mother. Not wanting to let Jewel go, and to implement his plan to seduce her, Rann shows up in London and offers his help. While searching for answers, they also find that there might be more at stake, a dark power seems to have emerged. One bent on death, destruction and sacrifice.

This is a great read with likable characters, an exciting plot, and is satisfying to someone who is looking for something unlike usual paranormal offerings. I really enjoyed the relationship that grew between Jewel and Rann. It was not a wham-bam sort of thing, and he actually kept in mind her trust issues while he worked to seduce her. Though this is the second book of a series I had no trouble getting into the story, the author does a great job getting the reader up to speed.

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