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Dark Breed Novels
Prequel: Before the Fall
Book 1: Ascension
Book 2: Bedeviled
Book 3: Chosen

Dark Breed Novel, Book 3
ISBN# 9780062079640
September 2012
Avon Romance
$7.99 US/$9.50 CAN
368 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

The transition in her new role as Goddess of the Hunt is still a work in progress for Kyana, although it is something more that has her nerves stretched to the breaking point.

Being responsible for all of the Gods and Goddesses of Below, as well as the humans Above, is now all on Ryker’s shoulders. He has the power of Zeus, God of Gods, yet all the power in the universe cannot keep him from worrying about one particular woman.

It has been wishful thinking to believe Cronos gone for good. Unfortunately, for Kyana and all of Olympus this beliefs is about to burst. Cronos is somehow raising an army of dead, and Kyana knows exactly who will be the first on his hit list. Her only hope is to find him first, but getting through to Ryker that she needs to do this without his help is going to be harder than the actual hunt. She has virtually no time to learn everything she needs to take down Cronos, and worse she may not live long enough to admit how she feels about Ryker.

Kyana’s character struggles repeatedly to manage her inner impulsiveness with her new duties as Goddess of the Hunt. She seems to fight her feelings harder than she fights the enemy, which in my opinion makes her seem immature and incompetent. I would like to see Kyana work with Ryker, rather than always around him, and hopefully learn to use what she does know, instead of complaining about what she does not. In my opinion, reading these books in order is recommended, as I feel there is too much unsaid about the “Chosen” for all of these Gods and Goddesses.

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