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ISBN#: (10)044654101X/(13)9780446541015/(13)9780446558419/(10)0446558419
October 2009
Grand Central Forever (Hachette Book Group)
368 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Carrie Woods heads to China on a mission and does not plan to return home empty handed. It was not too hard getting her hands on the scrolls, but finding a way to return them might be a little risky.

Maximillian Prescott, the only child of rich bluebloods, studied with Sun Chi. He developed much patience and must use it to follow Carrie and bring the scrolls home.

As a scholar of Chinese history at UC Berkley, Carrie studies manuscripts. Wei Lin’s Journal is proof to the mythic scrolls of Destiny. Max knows Carrie is the one that stole the Book of Water and the journal of Wei Lin. Thanks to the theft, he must leave his safe domain to bring the scrolls back. Max devises a way for her to obtain a job under his roof to better acquaint himself with her. Carrie is thrilled to accept the job, helping to translate Chinese manuscripts. She never expected to be working with the handsome man she had a brief encounter with after she stole the scrolls. A warm connection stirs between them that is hard to deny. Will Max understand why Carrie took the scrolls and believe she intends to return them, or will she face his harsh disdain?

I really liked Chosen by Desire. Carrie is witty, sharp, fun, and quite brilliant. I love the way she goes into action over things. Max is totally swimming in sex appeal. They are completely opposite in character, yet there is a huge amount of chemistry that lingers ever so softly over her and Max. Together they make a robust couple that made this story an enjoyable and entertaining read. Kate Perry has created a thrilling and compelling read that kept this reader hooked. She combines intrigue and action especially with the secondary characters, and the way she sketches her men in this powerful tale.

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