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The Twilight Texas Series

Book 1- The Sweethearts Knitting Club
Book 2 –The True Love Quilting Club
Book 3 - The First Love Cookie Club
Book 4 – The Welcome Home Garden Club
Book 5 - The Christmas Cookie Collection
Book 6 - The Valentine’s Day Disaster
Book 7 - Christmas at Twilight

Twilight, Book 7
ISBN #: 9780

October 2014
Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback
$ 7.99
384 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jane Brown is living in Twilight with her son under an alias. Her real name is Meredith Sommers, and she is on the run from a stalker. She is working as a massage therapist and preparing to run again.

Brian “Hutch” Hutchinson is a former captain in Delta Force. He is the lone survivor of an attack and suffers from serious injuries including one to his neck. Despite intense therapy, he is unable to speak and has been discharged.

Hutch returned to his home in Twilight to find that his sister has disappeared and a stranger is taking care of his sister's daughter, Kimmie, while renting a room in the house. He is in no position to take care of a four year old girl and convinces Jane and her son, Ben, to stay until his sister returns from wherever she has disappeared to. Jane agrees but is reluctant to make a commitment. She is on the run from a dangerous stalker and may have to leave before she brings her troubles to innocent bystanders.

This is an unusual combination of a heartwarming Christmas story and suspense novel. The author has created a complete world in Twilight, one every reader will want to visit. The plot is full of interesting and suspenseful twists and turns leading to an exciting and satisfying conclusion. Jane and Hutch are appealing wounded heroes, and their love story is beautiful and erotic. The author handles the topics of PTSD and mental illness intelligently and sensitively without getting overly sentimental and dramatic.

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