Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781940695068
November 2013
EsKape Press
145 pages
Contemporary, Holiday, Sweet
Rating: 5 Cups

Photographer, widower, and father, Mitch Carson has lived the life many could only dream of and is tired of all the big things that came with it, including the “big city" life. He wants to settle down in a quiet town in Michigan with his daughter and live the simple life. No matter how hard he tries, he keeps feeling there are some important components missing in his new life.

Sophie Gardner is getting antsy in her small town. She has been preparing for Hollywood and all it takes to get there. Screenwriting is her meal-ticket and she has to stay focused to make her mark on the world with her work. She has had her disappointments with love, but still wonders if she should contact her ex-boyfriend when she arrives in Hollywood and pick up where they left off.

Coming to a town where no one knows him, Mitch has to find a way to make a living for his family now that his wife is gone. He is so fearful of letting his sweet daughter, Angie, out of his sight that he keeps her within eyesight almost all the time, even in their home. He wants to build a real home, but there are some things he knows Angie would like that he seems not to be able to give her. Sophie keeps running into the cute family in the small town and soon becomes an important part of Angie's life as they come together each week for the upcoming Christmas Pageant at their church. After the Christmas pageant and Sophie's sister, Joanie's delivery of the baby, she will be across the country, living the life she has wanted for some time. Or will she?

This book started out so good, I just wanted to eat it. It kept getting better, and I had to sit and think why. The plot concentrated as much on the trials of Mitch as they did Sophie. Many romance novels lean toward the issues of the female and let the male be the hero, as if he is just too good to be true. This story is more realistic and has a traditional loving feel, as the small town environment offers the stability and support that one needs in unknown times. Well, almost. Of course, there is Mitch's mother-in-law that wants to cause trouble and have Angie for herself, having Angie walk in her daughter's footsteps. Being well-known and successful and rich are her goals for her granddaughter. What she does may cost a lot in the end, but everybody has wishes. Most of the deep, searing Christmas Wishes of the characters will come true. This book gets 5 cups for it's warmth, remarkable story line, dialogue, environment, and flow of characters. It was a really good read!

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