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ISBN#: 978-0-578-01064-9/978-0-578-01621-4
March 2009
Kemi-Ka Publishing
265 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Kane is a man of color who is married with children, and lives a BDSM alternative lifestyle. He and his wife both enjoy the lifestyle and have a strong marriage.

Mercedes is Kane's wife. The couple have three subs that are part of their home. This is in addition to their circle of friends that they also swing with.

When the couple goes to party given by Kane's mentor within the BDSM community, they have no idea that they are about to possibly gain a new sub. Kitana, a mutual friend and swinger approaches Kane in a submissive manner, and once Kane and Mercedes are convinced she understands what she is getting into, they move forward with acquiring her as a sub for their house. However, her husband is not so fortunate, and when he truly upsets one of the mistresses, Kane and Mercedes know there is going to be hell to pay. In the meantime, another couple they are close friends with Jasmine, and Jay are having really bad marital problems, and when Jay catches his wife Jasmine cheating with two other men, all hell breaks loose. While the high drama ensues, strange things begin happening to Kane and Mercedes, two of their subs begin bowing out from events, and Kane notices a strange car outside his home keeping tabs on what goes on there. Little does the couple know there is more afoot than they could ever have dreamed of, and they are in far more danger than they know. Will Kane, Mercedes and their friends survive one woman’s bid for revenge, and desire to do harm both physical and emotional?

Overall, I think this is a splendid book in the sense that it gives the reader a bird’s eye view of the BDSM world and what it is really like. It is clear that Mr. Rashaan understands that world and can easily explain it to the uninitiated. What happens in the book is all very realistic, and could really happen making the book an interesting read. My biggest problem with it is that the author does a lot more telling the reader the story, rather than showing the reader the story. This makes for writing that falls just a bit flat even though this reader can clearly see the author has the potential to really be a fantastic writer. Despite these things, this is a good book that I have no problem recommending to those who want a true understanding of what goes on in the life of a couple who live the BDSM lifestyle, and of course the suspense with the side stories does not hurt either! I look forward to reading more by this author in the future, and seeing him grow as a writer.

Note: There are some extreme BDSM practices described in this book such as wax play, flogging, and mentions of how subs are programmed that some may find offensive. This book is not for the faint of heart.

Coffee Time Romance & More



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