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The Fairy Godmother Files
ISBN# 978-1-62135-018-7
March 2012
Astraea Press
281 pages
YA Fantasy
Rating: 5 cups

There is nothing more that sixteen-year old Maggie Winters wants this year than to finally get her first kiss from her crush, Connor Prince. That is, unless Katrina Melville has anything to say about it. Maggie’s arch enemy since elementary school, Katrina also wants Connor, and will do anything to make sure Maggie does not get him.

This is annoying to Maggie, but what she really cannot handle is that Katrina and Connor actually belong with one another. How did she find this out? It turns out that her Grandmother’s "retirement" is actually a retirement from being the Fairy Godmother and now it is Maggie’s turn to take her place. Her first assignment is to ensure that Katrina and Connor end up together.

If that is not bad enough, things will only get worse if Maggie does not give them their happy ending. Malicious creatures known as Grimms are fighting hard to stop the new fairy godmother in her tracks, and bring evil and unhappiness to reign over the world. What's more, Maggie realizes that she is also starting to develop feelings for one of her best friends, Seth, but their time together is always cut short by her god-motherly duties. Ultimately, Maggie has to stop the Grimms and deliver her first happily-ever-after, while finding out in the process just whom she can really trust.

This is a fantastic story by a very talented author. Not only does it have an interesting premise, the twists and turns throughout the book always keep the reader guessing. It was thrilling to explore this reality-meets-fantasy world of magic, spells, potions and all of the creatures that inhabit it. Maggie is a strong character, but realistic in that every teenager has their doubts and worries at time. This was a book I literally could not put down until the end, which only had me wishing for the sequel.

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