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Virgin Wolf Series
Book 1: Virgin Wolf
Book 2: Mellizo Wolves
Book 3: Unquenchable Desire
Book 4: Circus Wolf

ISBN#: 9781772331639
December 16 2014
Evernight Publishing
157 pages
Paranormal, Suspense, Shifters/Vampires
Rating: 1 Cup

Tigra, The Queen of Tigers, grew up in the circus, is in charge of the tiger show, and also concealing a big secret. Recently great tragedy struck the circus in the form of her previous assistant being mauled by a tiger—which had to be put down--turns out both were drugged beforehand. The replacement turns out to be an attractive tall, dark and handsome man, who she is strongly drawn to. She enlists his help in order to solve the mystery of the drugging and the problem of a missing artifact from the local museum--the reputation of the gypsy existence has the circus appearing guilty. Will the mysteries be solved? Will she keep her secret or will the overwhelming desire growing between them keep it all from happening?

Hugh, a cursed werewolf, has gotten a job with the circus ostensibly to see the world now that he doesn't have the task of protecting his brother. Previously he was a hunchback, cursed with being a werewolf and protected his brother—after a sacrifice on his part an angel blessed him with a new pleasing form. He gets a job with the circus as a roustabout, jack of all trades, but mainly he is the tiger queen’s assistant during her shows. Hugh finds himself strongly attracted to Tigra, with her slender, pleasing form. Before he knows it, he offers her his help to solve the mysteries of the drugging and the whereabouts of the stolen artifact. While helping he also decides to protect her from any danger that finds her.

The Tiger Queen’s last assistant and one of her tigers were drugged, leading to death for both the assistant and tiger. A valuable artifact from a local museum was also stolen. It turns out that a rash of robberies and murders have followed the circus as it has journeyed across the country. The circus might have a serial killer and thief in their midst. Both the serial killer and stolen treasure have to be found. Meanwhile ... someone seems to have an unhealthy obsession for Tigra, could the two be connected somehow? Can Hugh keep her safe? During all of this love is budding between Hugh and Tigra, will everything be resolved in time?

There is too much internal dialogue and telling going on in this story, lots of drama and dramatic, extensive descriptions for details or actions happen. The old-fashioned wordage used by the characters did not seem to match the time and circumstances. I was also not a fan of the lore used for werewolves and vampires, I prefer something different. Seems a lot of weight is given to horoscopes, astrology, hypnotism and things of that nature—which despite my love of urban fantasy and the paranormal I do not much believe in myself or enjoy reading about. Some of the events are hard to believe and are rather fantastical—especially the action events—regardless of Hugh and Tigra’s prowess as paranormal beings. This book was not for me, it maybe someone else’s, but just not for me.

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