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Chess Putnam Series

Book 1: Unholy Ghosts
Book 2: Unholy Magic
Book 3: City of Ghosts
Book 4: Sacrificial Magic

Chess Putnam Book 3
ISBN: 9780345515599-Print/ 9780345519351-eBook
July 2010
Del Rey, an imprint of Random House Inc.
Print/ eBook
416 Pages
Fantasy; Contemporary; Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Chess Putnam knows she lives a life unlike everyone else. On top of her already bizarre world, her love life has practically disintegrated thanks to her own actions.

Lauren is part of the Black Squad. She will have to work with Chess in order to solve a crime before time runs out.

Chess knows she should not take the case, but the money is enough to sustain her for quite a long time. Binding her from telling everyone but those she is working with, Chess should know it will not be long before others find out there is something strange going on. Terrible has entered the picture, whether to help or hinder her investigation she is not sure. But being this close to the man she emotionally ruined makes Chess’ day that much more strained and leaves her with the impression that while she may make it out alive, emotionally she feels defeated already.

While I have read the first book in the series, I have not read the second so I felt lost for half the book. My favorite part of this tale is how Ms. Kane gives Chess, this girl who is so strong emotionally and physically and will not stop even if it means her own death, such human comforts and ragged emotions when it comes to how her love life is falling apart around her. I found Terrible to be his old charming self. There is something about the scarred giant that makes me go all soft inside and makes me want to hold him close and never let go. City of Ghosts is one twisted tale with odd creatures and unbelievable beings that can give you nightmares for a month but leave you feeling satisfied by the last page.

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