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The Mad Hatterlys

Book 1: Compromising Prudence
Book 2: Becoming Mr. Brooking
Book 3: Civilizing Frances


The Mad Hatterlys, Book 3
ISBN #9781619370302
October 2011
Musa Publishing
204 Pages
Historical Romance/Regency
Rating: 4 Cups

Frances Hatterly is the only female in the Hatterly family. She has had little to no female influence in her life and a great deal of freedom. She is beautiful and intelligent, and totally out of her element in London society. She is also a very substantial heiress.

Oliver, Duke of Ainsley is everything a duke should be. Tall, handsome, intelligent, arrogant, and commanding, the widowed duke is as respectable as he is powerful. He is not looking for another wife, but the match-making mamas of the Ton are unaware or uncaring of that.

Frances is the last woman the Duke of Ainsley would ever consider for a wife, despite his initial reaction to her beauty. Frances herself would never pick, as a husband, a man so concerned with his own reputation, no matter how handsome. Circumstances conspire against them, and Frances is accidentally compromised. Neither one wants to be forced to marry the other, but a notorious gossip is a witness. Their families hope a house party with an assortment of eligible parties will resolve matters to everyone’s satisfaction.

I love a good Regency romance and this author has written one of the best that I have read in a long time. The main characters are likeable but flawed, just like in real life. The plot is interesting and engrossing, but not so farfetched as to suspend belief. The supporting characters are quirky and entertaining. The author has a gift for characterization; each and every character is easily pictured and could walk right off the pages of this excellent story. Fans of the Regency genre should look no further for a great read.

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