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Bag of Tricks Series
Book 1: The Strix
Book 2: Claimed by Dragons

Bag of Tricks Series Book 2
ISBN: 9781611189032
September 2012
Loose ID
297 Pages
Ménage & Polyamory; Vampires & Shape shifters
Rating: 3 Cups

Jael has always been attracted to her two co-workers. When a friend convinces her to try for her heart’s desire, Jael does not expect to find her wish coming true.

Roarke and Kypton know that to have Jael around them with her sensual body and tantalizing scent calls to the very beast inside of them. Determined to prove to themselves as well as to Jael that she is their chosen mate, they set up a test and can only hope that she will pass with flying colors.

When Roarke sends Jael on a trip to take photos of Africa at its most brutal and brilliant moments, she is ecstatic. The beauty and danger that surround her bring her passion for photography to life. But it is the mysterious Marduko dragons that captivate Jael and show her the true desire she has been holding back. When she finds out the two beasts are Roarke and Kypton and they have come to Africa to claim her as their mate, will she flee from them or let her love for them soar for all time?

Claimed by Dragons tells the story of a woman who is unsure of her footing in the world and surrounds her with two deliciously virile males who also happen to shift into dragons. One of the remarkable details of this tale is how Ms. Skyze and Ms. Leon show Jael growing as a person. We get to see her grow from a woman who does not know where she fits into this world, into a woman who fights for love head on. While this book would be considered a full length novel, I found that there were times throughout the story that details that could have made this story richer were not there. A wonderful description of the history of the Marduko dragons is explored during this tale, but I felt as if I was missing pieces of the three main characters’ lives that really would have painted a better picture of their bond to one another. This is a good shape-shifting tale with some very steamy scenes that will have you craving two dragons of your own.

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