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ISBN: 9781595789419
Liquid Silver Books
255 Pages
Steampunk Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Victorian England: Eliza Blackwell does not want anyone to know she is part of the infamous Blackwell family, known and feared for their supernatural gifts. Eliza’s gift: she is aware of paranormal activities. Better yet, she sees apparitions and ghosts, literally. The only Blackwell that is aware of her identity is her sister, Olyve. And it is because of her that Eliza tries to steal a small box from the home of her husband’s younger brother, Cyril Reeves.

Cyril does not know the woman who breaks into his home and attempts to take a box. But he does know that she, especially her piercing blue eyes, enthralls him inexplicably. Ever since his wife Majorie was killed, he has been teetering on the brink of madness. The ton believes he is an eccentric and should be left to his own devices. Good with his hands and creating automatons, Cyril works on his inventions, unaware that Majorie’s untimely death has never left him alone.

As the ghosts become more demanding and intrusive, Eliza has to learn to accept both her family and her supernatural gift. In order to save the man she is falling for, she must free the souls of the past.

Clockwork Kiss is a story of great imagination, fantasy and passion. Eliza and Cyril are well developed as characters. The supernatural elements take the plot to fascinating places. The inventions and gadgets that Cyril creates are enchanting. The dialogue though, could be fitted a bit more to the time period, but overall it is a satisfactory read.

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