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ISBN: 978-1-60088-949-3
April 14, 2015
Cobblestone Press
122 Pages
Contemporary, Erotica
Rating: 3 Cups

Each day that passes, Kayleigh Hughes grows more concerned that her wonderful little coffee shop will have to close its doors. The big chain nursery that opened across the street put in a cheap little café, which is seriously eating into her profits.

With every store he opens, Dean Henry Kent feels the satisfaction of proving his father wrong. His workaholic attitude has made Kent’s Nursery a booming success, even though it leaves him little time for anything else.

Kayleigh is so mad with Kent’s Nursery it is starting to affect her attitude at work, which she definitely cannot afford. She needs a distraction fast, so when Kent walks through her door she can barely control herself. Kent’s feelings have never been this strong for any woman, yet the guilt is starting to eat him alive. He knows how Kayleigh feels about Kent’s Nursery, and what he fears is that she will never speak to him again when she learns the truth.

Nothing good can come from beginning any type of relationship with a lie. In my opinion, this makes Kent comes off as weak-minded and opportunistic in his attitude towards Kayleigh. Kayleigh’s intuition tells her something is off, but as she is really trying to control her critical side, she wants to ignore her feelings. Sadly the lack of trust inspired by Kent makes it hard to really enjoy these two as a couple, especially when they have such great chemistry otherwise.

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