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Security Specialists International Series

Book #1: Eye of the Storm
Book #2: Cold day in Hell
Novella: Stormy Weather Baby (After book #1, not sure about book #2

Book #2 in the Security Specialists International Series
ISBN# 9781595789129
January 30, 2012
Liquid Silver Books
303 Pages
Romantic Suspense/Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Calista Meyers is a renowned super-model and a child marine brat who gets stuck in her last fashion shoot when a paramilitary leader, Cruz, shows unhealthy interest in keeping her with him after the assignment is over. With threat hanging over the head of her twin brothers' lives, Callie turns to her childhood friend Keely Walsh and her husband Ren, owner of security specialists international (SSI) for help.

Former marine, now SSI operative, Risto Smith is sent to retrieve Callie, for whom he had a thing for since he first saw her picture. A marine to the core, Risto cannot believe his luck when Callie reciprocates his feelings, but thinking he is not good enough for her, he leaves her in Panama after a turbulent escape from Columbia.

Two months later, Cruz is in the States with his eye on Callie, who almost lost hope of contacting Risto, when she found a reason to ask for his protection again. Fighting side-by-side like an equal and needing his strength at the same time, will Callie finally get rid of the threat to her life and convince Risto that he is the only man for her?

Callie is a woman we all dream of being. She is beautiful with brains, survival skills, and determination to match any marine. Risto is the old-fashioned sort of man we wish would come and rescue us from our sometimes too independent lives. Together they are an explosive duo. Hot hot hot! This is one steamy adrenaline filled book that will keep you on your toes, constantly make you reach for water, and a minute to cool down. While it has all the ingredients of a perfect book, the strong language and constant praising of one another got a little cheesy after a while. It is a good book if you need an adrenaline rush and are in mood of steamy scenes.

Please Note: Strong language is used.

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