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The Front Range Series, Book 1
ISBN # 9780615909264
October 18, 2013
Ubiquitous Press
418 Pages
Historical Western Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Wealthy New York socialite Emma Bradshaw is not thrilled about moving West with her family. Greely, Colorado might be a place of unspoiled beauty and opportunity, but Emma had dreams of attending college to study art and botany. Now she is consumed with trying to help her high-strung mother settle into their new home so far away from the comforts they have been accustomed to. To make matters worse, her father and brother have become most overbearing and mean.

Veterinarian Lucas Rawlings has his hands full with the animal patients he attends all throughout the front range. Being busy helps to distract him from the pain of losing his wife and newborn son only three years before. When newcomer Emma Bradshaw and her Arabian mare tumble into his life, Lucas figures it will only be for a short time. High society girls like Emma do not last long in Colorado Territory.

Emma's family wants her to marry her childhood friend, Randall Turnbull, but she continually finds herself thrown together with Lucas Rawlings. He is so much more than the cowboy she thought him to be. Lucas is intelligent, warm, caring, and capable of protecting what's his in this rough country. Despite her family's misgivings, Emma cannot ignore what she feels in her heart.

This debut novel set in 1875 has the feel of an inspirational western romance. The cast of characters is likeable and I look forward to seeing more of them in future stories. Lucas and Emma seem like an odd match though it manages to work out rather well for them. At times the reading is cumbersome, though any history buffs will enjoy the attention to detail.

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