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Book 3 in the Black Swan Historical Romance series
ISBN: 978-0-8034-7766-7
June 24, 2010
240 Pages
Fiction / Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Raising a baby, running a hotel, and trying to live down the worst year of her life has Bridget O’Shea nearly at her wit’s end. The rat in the kitchen is the final straw; she needs help, and sets her sights on the first man with feet big enough to take care of the job.

Minding his own business has never gotten Wyatt Ferguson into any trouble until that day in the train depot. That day trouble comes looking for him, all five feet, strawberry red hair, and packed with attitude who made it a point of singling him out.

Wyatt takes Bridget up on her job offer, with every intention of just biding his time until he has to make his way home to Texas, but nothing could prepare him for what is about to occur. He goes from being a mostly anonymous handyman to a nursemaid and baby-sitter when Bridget becomes very ill very quickly, and in one week Wyatt learns more about himself than he has in the previous twenty-five years. Bridget must grudgingly accept Wyatt’s help, and with the doctor quarantining all three of them, there really is no other option. Three weeks of being locked up in an empty hotel with a virtual stranger is scary enough, but when feelings that she swore never to have for another man start emerging, she is terrified of trusting her judgment that proved so devastatingly bad before.

I challenge anyone to read this book, and not fall completely in love with Wyatt Ferguson. His heart is an open book, and his love for baby Ella just comes shining through, but through it all he never fails to be completely masculine and strong. Bridget, by nature, is a little harder to embrace as she takes everything as a challenge to her authority or personal abilities. Their story lightens the heart and warms the soul, making the last of the Black Swan series a real pleasure to read.

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