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ISBN# 1601547706
March 12, 2010
Wild Rose Press
$ 11.99/ $ 6.00
244 Pages
YA Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Caryn Alderson longs to live her life and be treated like an average teenager. But there is nothing average about Caryn. Whereas one side of her comes across as shy and self-conscious, the other side makes premonitions and talks to dead people’s spirits.

Megan Benedict is quite the contrast to Caryn. She is vibrant, self confident and ready to stand up for herself. She is also courageous enough to accept people the way they are without allowing prejudices to influence her.

Quince Adams is the star of the football and baseball teams at Rosslyn High and is quite the handsome guy as well. The only downfall to Quince is his girlfriend Kensington Marlow; the drop-dead gorgeous, yet despicable cheerleader.

Caryn sees her move from Houston to Indiana and joining Rossyln High as her chance at a fresh start. She is keen to establish herself as a normal student, especially after her bad experience at her old school. On her first day of school she becomes friends with Megan and falls desperately for Quince’s charm and good looks. But with the appearance of uncle Omar -- her mother’s deceased brother -- as well as a major event at Rosslyn High, Caryn will be forced to come clean about her psychic talent and stand up for herself. Can she do so without hurting her chance with Quince?

This is a wonderfully told story about finding friendship, love, and most importantly one’s self. It is quite the page-turner and will stay with you for awhile after reading it. Caryn’s psychic ability adds an element of suspense that entertained and engrossed me, while her sweet love story with Quince gained my heart and cheers all the way through. If you have ever tried to imagine or remember how it feels to be in high school, this book will surely fulfill your imagination. Ms. Jackson with her fresh style successfully takes the reader on a journey with Caryn starting at her very first day of school, a journey that reflects how every school event, class, student, game and even break will shape and change Caryn’s life. In addition, this journey offers some very interesting life lessons that will definitely enrich our young readers’ experience. I really enjoyed reading this novel and I certainly recommend it to readers of all ages.

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