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Supernatural Bonds Series

Book 1: Trace’s Psychic
Book 2: Storm’s Faeries
Book 3: Sophie’s Dragon
Book 4: Drui Claiming
Book 5: Dragon Mate
Book 6: Connor’s Wolf
Book 7: Demon Familiar
Book 8: Dragon Games
Book 9: Dragon Master
Book 10: Dylan's Witch

Supernatural Bonds Series, Book 6
ISBN#: 9781419934636
May 2011
Ellora’s Cave
E Book
99 Pages
Twilight: Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Connor Stern is a homicide detective, but this time he is not hunting down killers but a reporter he has the hots for. He knows she has secrets, but at the moment he is more interested in scratching his itch. The rest he can deal with later.

Khemirra Reis is a werewolf on the run after her wolf killed a mage. She knows she is being tracked by the man who contracted the mage, and her main goal is to stay one step ahead of the man. Of course that also means staying one step ahead of another man that draws her like no other, but he is a cop, so what else can she do?

When Khemirra is attacked by men intent on committing rape, she is happy to see that one of her shadows, the deletable Connor Stern, has caught up with her. He is able to help her secure the men and call the authorities so they can be taken away. He is even able to keep her name out of it. The two finally give in to their mutual attraction, and the sex is hotter than either of them could have ever imagined. However, as hot as it is, Khemirra knows that Connor has nothing but disgust for all things supernatural. Since her very existence is supernatural, she is reluctant to test their bond by revealing what she really is. Her goal is to escape once again, but Connor is able to convince her that they should stay together. Unfortunately, the man who wants to put her in a cage and use her for experiments captures both her and Connor. Will they be able to escape the mad man? Will Connor be able to accept the wolf?

Connor’s Wolf is one hot tamale of a read! If you like your paranormal romance filled with hot lusty sex then this the book for you. I really enjoyed both the love scenes and the constant suspense of this lovely story. Khemirra is very independent, interesting when you consider that wolves have a pack nature. I loved Connor’s dominant nature and how he is able to sort of corral Khemirra without taking away her freedom completely. Together, they make a phenomenal team, and I am looking forward to reading the other books in this series, as well as, reading about Connor and Khemirra in future books!

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