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Preternatural Rescue Centre
Book 1: Delta Blues
Book 2: Cole in His Stocking
Book 3: Fractured
Book 4: Controlling his Illusion
Book 5: Beyond the Scars

Preternatural Rescue Centre Book 4
ISBN#: 9781771119405
May 2014
Extasy Books
115 Pages
Erotic Romance Gay GLBT Paranormal Shapeshifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Grant is an omega wolf shifter and a master illusionist. He uses his talent for illusion to get the vampire blood he needs to control his sister Kaylee’s diabetes.

Nico is a warlock and part of the Preternatural Rescue Centre. He rescues Grant, Kaylee and their friend Peter when Grant loses control of his gift.

When a man Grant never wants to see again shows up with a buddy expecting Grant to service him as he thinks he did the night before, Grant becomes enraged and loses control of his gift of illusion doing far more damage to the two men. Fortunately for him, Nico and his friend Dante show up and are able to help the young trio. They take them to them to their home and Kaylee gets the medical treatment she needs as does their friend Peter. The attraction between Nico and Grant is so powerful it’s practically incandescent. However, Nico feels that Grant is too young and inexperienced for what he wants from a lover. He does have every intention though of helping Grant get a handle on his gift of illusion. But it turns out that Grant is far more than an illusionist, and his gift can be more than dangerous. On top of that, it turns out Nico is the only one who can truly help Grant. Will Nico take the challenge?

I really love this series! It has everything, hot elves, hot shifters, and hot warlocks! The world building is believable and the sex so hot it will singe your eyebrows. I loved the repartee between Nico and Dante, that really had me cracking up in places. You could tell Nico was just messing with him, but the places that appears in the book make these characters that much more realistic. The author does a great job of incorporating secondary characters in such a way that you get a feel for the entire group which I really enjoyed. Not all authors can do that successfully. If you love paranormal romance, and are looking for something that’s not like all the other paranormal romances out there, then you ought to check out the Preternatural Rescue Centre Series today! I know I’ll be buying this entire series!

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