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May 2006
Jupiter World Press
19 pages
Science Fiction
Rating 5 cups

Kent and Liz Staton are expecting their first baby. This should be a time of joy, however due to the new governmental laws it is anything but happy.

The government has issued that all children must be tested for any serious diseases. If they test positive, the parents must make a choice to keep the child and loose all healthcare for life or terminate the pregnancy and be sterilized as well as keeping health insurance.

Kent and Liz embark on a journey of self-discovery and must face life-altering decisions regarding their baby. They also get the chance to have a conversation with their unborn baby.

I must say this book takes many of today's news stories and embarks on a journey of what if or what will be, takes you to that level, and no matter what your beliefs may be, tells a wondrous tale of love and sacrifice. Thank you Ms. Wintersong.

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