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William Monk Series

Book 1: The Face of a Stranger
Book 2: A Dangerous Mourning
Book 3: Defend and Betray
Book 4 A Sudden, Fearful Death:
Book 5: The Sins of the Wolf
Book 6: Cain His Brother
Book 7: Weighed in the Balance
Book 8: The Silent Cry
Book 9: A Breach of Promise
Book 10: The Twisted Root
Book 11: Slaves of Obsession
Book 12: Funeral in Blue
Book 13: Death of a Stranger
Book 14: The Shifting Tide
Book 15: Dark Assassin
Book 16: Execution Dock
Book 17: Acceptable Loss
  Book 18: A Sunless Sea
Book 19: Blind Justice
Book 20: Blood on the Water
Book 21: Corridors of the Night

A William Monk Novel, Book 3
ISBN: 978-0-553-39138-1
September 15, 2015
Ballantine Books
Hard Cover
$27.00 US / $35.00 CAN
271 Pages
History, Mystery, Suspense / Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

Nursing is in the blood and soul of Hester Monk. It is as much a part of her as the air she breathes, even during times when it more than breaks her heart.

It has been years since the accident, yet there are times William Monk is still plagued by the loss of his memory. As commander of the Thames River Police he often relies on instinct to get the job done, especially when certain things trigger a sense of familiarity.

When Hester comes upon three young children in a remote wing of the hospital she is hit with a horrifying realization, and chemist Hamilton Rand is at its heart. Hester’s discovery, as well as her expertise in nursing, makes her the perfect assistant for Mr. Rand’s trials, even if she is unwilling. Monk, who is beside himself with worry for his wife, pulls out all his resources to get the man responsible. Nothing is as cut and dry as it seems, especially when countless lives are at stake.

The dimensions and points of view to the risks involved in scientific advancements are innumerable. In this story they are fraught with high degrees of danger and fear, which is not so different from today. Hester is extremely good at what she does, highlighting the painful duality between her job and her conscience. Monk’s viewpoint is a little more one-sided, as he wants his wife safe and will go through anyone who threatens her.

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