Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781615815340
July 12, 2010
Dreamspinner Press
324 Pages
M/M Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

The world may not be ready for the likes of Dylan Rutledge, but come Hell or high water, he demands to be heard. His music far surpasses the boundaries and restrictions placed on it by society, and he is shunned by nearly everyone inside and out of the music world.

In society’s eyes Geoffrey Dohnányi is less than nothing. He is Romnichel, a Gypsy mongrel, but with a born talent to play the violin that could rival the most accomplished violinist.

If it were not for Laurence Northcliff, Dylan knows his dream of becoming a composer would never have come close to being fulfilled, nor would he ever have known love in its truest form. But not even Laurence’s support and never ending love is enough to get Dylan’s work recognized, let alone accepted. Years pass with one disappointment after another, until tragedy tears Dylan’s soul into shreds, but it is during this blackest of times that he is reacquainted with Geoffrey. They share a pain and desire so similar that it feels like they have known each other forever, but their moment in time may be just that.

To read this book is in effect getting to know these characters through music. It builds and dips, swells and fades, but never once allows you to ignore the underlying rhythm as it sweeps you along. Dylan personifies an artistic temperament, and faces the backlash of his rash and impetuous nature, but you have to admire his drive. He loves with a completeness and honesty that encompasses not only his music, but the men in his life as well.

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