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ISBN#: 1-60601-734-9
January 2010
Siren Publishing
73 Pages
Alternative (M/M or F/F), Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Rating: 4 cups

Avery Jones has had a tough life. He was given to man he now calls uncle when he was sixteen; a man who has no compunction about using Avery’s charms to pay off his own debts. Avery will do anything to get away from him.

Jeb McCain and Boone Fowler are lovers, though they do not advertise the fact. They live in Applegate Valley where at least they are able to live in peace.

When Jeb and Boone find an unconscious Avery dressed in nothing but a woman’s corset, they know there has to be a story there. They take Avery back to their house where Cheta, Jeb’s Lakota grandfather who is a healer, patches him up. Jeb and Boone find themselves enchanted with the small, beautiful man, and for the first time they consider bringing another into their relationship. It does not take long for them to discover Avery feels the same about them. However, they figure the only way they can keep Avery safe is to dress him like a woman, but it snowballs from there when people just assume Avery is their wife. Still they all know Avery’s “uncle” is not far behind. Will they be able to protect the man they have come to love?

Cowboy Dreams is yet another winner from Ms. Glenn. I truly enjoyed learning about Jeb, Boone, and Avery. I got a kick out of Jeb and Boone’s responses to Avery from the time they found him until the very end of the book. There was more than one occasion that I broke out in giggles. I thought Cheta was a very cool character, and I honestly would not mind seeing him get his own story. The sex is singe worthy and emotional, making this a drool worthy read. This is definitely a book you want to read, I highly recommend it!

Coffee Time Romance & More




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