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Blaecleah Brothers Series

Book 1: Cowboy Easy
Book 2: Cowboy Keeper
Book 3: Cowboy Way
Book 4: Cowboy Courage
Book 5: Cowboy Up

Book 1 of the Blaecleah Brothers Series
ISBN#: 1610342666
January 2011
Siren Publishing
123 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative (M/M or F/F), Contemporary, Western/Cowboys
Rating: 4 Cups

Lachlan Blaecleah is a cowboy who while he has his own house still lives on his family’s ranch. His family is originally from Ireland.

Asa Miller has no one and is just riding his bike and seeing the country. He is just passing through Lachlan’s town when he runs into trouble.

When Asa is attacked by two men for being gay, he is determined to give as good as he gets in this particular fight. However, with two against one, his chances of winning are dwindling, that is until Lachlan shows up. Lachlan wades right into the fight and evens up the odds much to Asa’s relief. However, the fight has caused damage to his bike that will need to be repaired before he can move on. Fortunately for him, Lachlan offers to take him and his bike home until the next day when Asa can have the mechanic repair it. That the two men are highly attracted to each other is a given, and when it starts out, all either of them is looking for is a night of pleasure. However, that night of pleasure quickly morphs into two and then three and before they know it, emotions have become engaged. But the two men that originally attacked Asa have no intention of letting things go, and Asa must decide if his growing love for Lachlan is worth the trouble of staying forever.

Cowboy Easy is a wonderful story that in my mind is very realistic. There is nothing more irritating to me as a reader than the stereotype that all gay men are really looking for is sex and with as many different partners as they can find. While this story has the classic pick up for a one-night stand, I really loved how Ms. Glenn showed that such a thing can quickly become more and in a very short time. I also thought the small-minded mentality of some living in a small town was realistically portrayed and definitely added to the suspense. I absolutely loved Lachlan’s family. His family is the kind that many wish they had, and I really thought it was very cool how his family took Asa in. That in my mind is one of the key best things about this story. And who does not love a cowboy? If you love cowboys, then you definitely do not want to miss this story from the incomparable Stormy Glenn!

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