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Blaecleah Brothers Series

Book 1: Cowboy Easy
Book 2: Cowboy Keeper
Book 3: Cowboy Way
Book 4: Cowboy Courage
Book 5: Cowboy Up

Blaecleah Brothers 2
ISBN: 1610343174
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
132 Pages
LGBT; Erotic Romance; Contemporary; Western/Cowboys
Rating: 5 Cups

Billy Thornton knows what everyone thinks of him. He has deliberately gone out of his way to cause trouble due to the influence his brother Clem has on him.

Rourke Blaecleah is shocked when he spies Billy watching his family from the woods. Confronting Billy seems like a good idea until a simple kiss turns into full-blown desire.

Billy aches to have Rourke claim him as his own, but due to his troublemaking background, he does not expect that to ever happen. After the stunning kiss left Billy aching for more, he goes home only to be confronted by his brother Clem. Determined to protect Rourke, Billy tries to warn him away only to suddenly find himself folded into the Blaecleah family’s loving arms. Can Rourke and Billy find the love and passion they both deserve when there are so many obstacles in their way?

Reading a Stormy Glenn novel is like cracking open a book and having emotions just pour from the pages. The unbelievable trauma that Billy has suffered from the hands of his brother leaves your heart aching and makes you want to cry out for all the pain he has dealt with. Even though this is a fictional novel, the characters have such soulful dispositions that Cowboy Keeper has you feeling as if this tale is happening right in front of you. The plot is very strong, and desire comes through so loud and clear I could practically feel the heat burning my fingertips. To top it off, the story outline is so brilliant you do not even realize how quickly you are perusing the pages until you come to the last page…and then you want to start over again just for the simple pleasure of re-reading this amazing tale.

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