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Cowboys of Snow Lake Series

Book 1: Rivers of Wind
Book 2: Rivers of Passion
Book 3: Mending Fences
Book 4: Cowboy’s Challenge
Book 5: Hard & Raw
Book 6: Stars & Stripes
Book 7: Twist in the Saddle

ISBN: 9781622429462
May 2013
Siren Publishing
151 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative M/M, Contemporary, Western/Cowboy
Rating: 4 Cups

Running a ranch is a full time job, taking on the job of mother and father to two small children is almost more than Simon Westfield can manage. He needs help with the kids before he does more damage than good.

Whatever others may think of him, Tristan Markham is very good at what he does. It warms his heart to bring happiness and structure to young lives.

After the initial shock of having a male nanny taking care of Dale and Allie wears off, Simon must then deal with much baser desires. His homosexuality is not something he advertises, but being around Tristan day in and day out makes it very hard to hide his feelings. Once Tristan and Simon get past the hurt feelings and misunderstandings, their relationship skyrockets. Their isolated world on the ranch is amazing. It is when reality slips in that problems begin to unravel the progress they have made.

No matter how hard he tries to deny his needs, Simon is as vulnerable as anyone when the world feels like it is conspiring against him. Tristan may not have all of the answers, but he has an ingrained sense of knowing when to push and when to back off. I love that they fight as easily as they forgive, which makes their relationship much more honest. When you have a story with this much love and affection, tears, and fears - it is easy to fall head over heels for the characters within.

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