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ISBN#: 1-60601-619-9
October 2009
Siren Publishing
109 Pages
Erotic Romance, Interracial, Western/Cowboys
Rating: 3 Cups

Angela owns a dance studio and has been in love with Jesse her whole life. But she knows he is engaged to Lydia, and that they can never have anything permanent together.

Jesse has been riding the rodeo circuit for the last several years but has finally decided to come home. He is surprised at how much Angela has grown up, but is very happy to see her.

When Angela shows up at the ranch to give her brother Beau, who is an accountant the paperwork to do her taxes, she has no idea that Jesse has come home for good. When his girlfriend Lydia wants him to do a dance contest with her and suggests he take lessons from Angela, he is less than enthused. However, Angela quickly changes his mind. Not long after it comes to his attention that Lydia is telling everyone that they are getting married, and Jesse has no intention of marrying anyone. He quickly breaks it off with Lydia, but Lydia insists he still do the dance contest with her. He agrees, but under duress. In the meantime, he shows up for his dance lessons with Angela, who wonders if she has the nerve to ask for what she really wants from Jesse, for him to make love to her. She screws up her nerve, and they have several hot encounters. However, Angela has heard the rumors that Jesse is going to marry Lydia, and decides that she will take whatever she can get from the man she loves before she has to break it off. There is only one problem, neither Lydia, nor Lydia’s family, nor Jesse and Angela’s families plan on not meddling. Will all this interference break up Jesse and Angela forever, or can they get their act together?

Cowboys Don’t Dance is a very entertaining and hot read. I really enjoyed how the authors showed the entanglement of emotions between Jesse and Angela right away in the story. The lovemaking scenes are very hot, but you also get the sense of the couple’s feelings which is key to good romance, even an erotic romance in my opinion. You also get a sense of the different character’s personalities, even the secondary characters which I really liked. This is a good contemporary erotic romance that is well worth reading.

Coffee Time Romance & More




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