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Blaecleah Brothers Series

Book 1: Cowboy Easy
Book 2: Cowboy Keeper
Book 3: Cowboy Way
Book 4: Cowboy Courage
Book 5: Cowboy Up

Blaecleah Brothers, Book 3
ISBN#: 1610345746
June 2011
Siren Publishing
162 Pages
Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, sex toys
Rating: 3 Cups

As the oldest son of a fire and brimstone preacher, Matthew McCallister knows where he stands in his father’s eyes. He also knows without a doubt that when he comes out, all hell will break loose.

The love and acceptance that fills the home of the Bleacleah’s makes Quaid thank God every day for his parents. He would love to have someone to share his family with like two of his brothers have, but so far he has not been that fortunate.

He has planned extensively for the day he will walk out of his parent’s home forever, but Matty never imagined he would have his brother Ruben by his side. They arrive on the Bleacleah’s doorstep, scared, heartbroken, and ready to run, but the reception they get is much more than they could have ever hoped for. Quaid sees an angel when he sets eyes on Matty, and for the first time in his life there is no question where his future lies. He is willing to walk through hell to keep Matty safe, and with their father trailing them in a blind rage that may just happen.

The scariest people are those who twist and contort their faith to justify their beliefs, and it is plain to see that just such a man has raised Matty and his brother. Matty’s self doubt is evident in his inability to believe someone could just love him for him, although the speed at which this happens is awfully fast. Quaid is so headstrong and certain of his feelings that it is interesting to see him falter in the face of Matty’s indecision. I do enjoy how this cowboy wears his heart on his sleeve, and how Matty makes him work for his love.

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