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Cowboys and Werewolves, Book 1
ISBN: 1619262495
February 2012
Siren Publishing
150 Pages
Erotic Romance; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 4 Cups

Silence Foster is the sheriff of Silent Falls, and a werewolf. Usually the town that sports humans and supernatural beings is a quiet and safe place to live, until rogue werewolves start to terrorize the townspeople.

Walker Helmsley used to live in Silent Falls under a different name. Now that he is back, the billionaire cowboy has plans for developing some land and possibly getting a certain sheriff to share his bed.

Lance Hickman is delivering some cattle to Silent Falls when he is attacked by animals. He does not realize that the wild animals are actually the rogue lycans that Sheriff Foster has been hunting.

Just as Silence begins to think there could be something between her and Walker, Lance’s attack has him changing into a werewolf and hunting down his mate. When Walker realizes that Lance and Silence are mates just as he is Silence’s mate, he will have to put aside the issues he has or walk away from the woman he has cared for since he was in high school. As the relationships between the three begin to spiral out of control, secrets come to light which will shock all of them. Can Silence save the day and her love for the two men, or is she destined to fail at everything?

Craving Silence is a hot read with some dynamic characters that seem to ooze sensuality. The way Walker reacts to Silence and Lance’s mating gave the story a very realistic feel, which you do not always sense in a paranormal book. Ms. Fox brings new life into a world of supernatural beings, including a very interesting mesh of unique abilities in one of the characters. The twists and turns that are in the novel also add flavor to the pages. Nicely done.

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