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ISBN#: 9781419944659
May 3, 2012
Ellora’s Cave
Urban Fantasy, Vampire, Interracial Elements
Rating: 5 Cups

Jeliyah is a necromancer who has been desked by her sexist boss just because she is a girl, so when the opportunity to get out into the field arrives, she walks. Well, she tries to anyway, but a bad boss is a bad boss, and she has no choice but to partner with the strangest looking vampire she has ever seen.

Teaghan likes his job, it allows him to kill and be paid for it. Being pulled off a hunt to meet a new partner does not please him. Until he gets that first subtle hint of her scent, then his interest is suddenly in more than the death of his quarry.

Working together quickly becomes easy for Teaghan and Jeliyah, until conspiracy complicates things and an illegal spell connects them in a way they do not fully understand.

To say Teaghan is exuberant is, a little tame, but he has met his match in Jeliyah and her dry witted responses. Her innate ability to break the rules means she knows more spells than she should and how to use them, which complements Teaghan’s unwavering need to lead the hunt. The bond they build during working hours only strengthens the bond they have in other areas of their lives. I loved this story. Ms. Renquist has drawn some wonderfully talented, lovable characters. Teaghan is unique in every way, while still being a typical vampire, while Jeliyah, looks at first glance to be a goody goody. It does not take much scratching of the surface to reveal the real person under all that polish. I hope to see Ms. Renqusit take this world of vampires and grow it into the addictive series it promises to be.

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