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ISBN-13: 978-0-373-26684-5
September 2009
Worldwide Library
266 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Music journalism is in Theda Krakow’s blood, and writing freelance is a dream come true. She follows the club scene in and around Cambridge, and what she is finding is far from musical.

Laid up with a shattered kneecap, Bill is on the injured reserve list. His detective days are possibly over as well if he cannot regain full use of his leg, and that may be just what he needs to make a change in his life.

Theda’s great passion is writing about the rock scene in her beloved Cambridge, but there is something dark lurking around the perimeter. When she is not caring for her injured boyfriend, Bill, writing her freelance articles, and running around with her eclectic blend of girlfriends, she is coddling her darling kitty Musetta, but there is trouble brewing on the horizon. Something is terribly wrong with one of her girlfriends, the band she is featuring has major backing but no real talent, and a nearby animal rights group is gearing up for something big. Theda is spinning her wheels and finding no real answers until trouble makes a personal appearance in her own life.

There can be no other work more appropriate if you have an inordinate affinity for the obese housecat and obscure musical talent of Cambridge’s club rock scene, and it is with all due respect that I must admit to having neither of those afflictions. The main, and from what I can ascertain, only pertinent character (if you discount the cat) of this book is Theda, and I found terribly little to recommend her. She does admit to her short-comings, but does virtually nothing to absolve them, and I cannot imagine any man or woman, boyfriend or girlfriend, who deserves such insolence when it comes to a relationship. This is solely the opinion of this reviewer, and though I found disparity in Theda’s character, I am quite certain that this book will appeal to many a cat lover.

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