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ISBN: None Available
April 2006
A Chippewa Publishing Publication
11 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Victor is a lonely person, an Undead who leaves Earth to find another home. Earth rips with poison for his kind of race. Since he is the last Undead Vampire of his kind, he has only one thing left to do, flee for some other place with no stakes and holy water.

Na’lesa is a living alien vamp and the last of her race. She has been living for eons because of a virus her civilization invented. Now she must live on blood. Of course, she not only loves blood, she enjoys sex and love.

Victor is now a Nosferatu thanks to an attractive woman sinking her fangs deeply into his neck. He plans on living in another universe to hunt for blood to fulfill his craving thirst but he never imagined meeting a woman that would make his whole life complete. Na’lesa is tired of being alone. One night when she is out searching for some prey, she runs into another stalker doing the same. She and Victor ignite with each other in a passion that bubbles in Fahrenheit. It has been a long time since he has had a woman like Na’lesa and she wants him completely. Now they must decide to trust each other with the taste of their blood and renew their life with a transformation that brings them delight in both worlds.

Crimson Promise is very entertaining. The creative characters of Victor and Na’lesa immediately draw the reader’s interest. The scenes, at times, seemed so visual. Ms. Phelan takes two lonely people and generates electricity in the pages. She puts action in this intense read that is cleverly delightful.

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